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Feng Shui Certification Programs

We are the premier scientific feng shui school in North America.  We provide feng shui certification to the novice as well as offer advanced courses for seasoned professionals from other schools.

We offer a contemporary science feng shui curriculum known in the industry as Pyramid feng shui. 

Why Choose Us?

What differentiates us from other schools of feng shui is that we are a full service school with fourteen faculty members degreed in various fields of social, sciences, interior design, business and human resources management; architecture and construction; counseling; education management and much more.  Pyramid feng shui focuses on the science of person place e.g. human's innate response to space.

Graduates from our courses integrate their feng shui knowledge into an existing business model such as landscape design, architecture, interior design, counseling, teaching, training, consulting, home based business and more. Others tap into one of the business models we offer to start their new business.

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