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Originally known as Wind Water Realty Advisors, the company was launched out of a garage in Irvine in 2011. Wind Water started as a boutique brokerage with only one agent. The brokerage provided real estate services for select clients, near the Irvine Spectrum, and opportunistically acquired real estate.


In 2015, life-long entrepreneur Rudy Caamano, agreed to make an investment into Wind Water. Caamano was frustrated with the traditional brokerage model and the lack of transparency in the industry. He believed most brokerages or agents, had incentives to hide information, creating obstacles in what should be a completely free and open market. Caamano also realized that the brokerage industry was slow to incorporate many of the technological tools that were prevalent in so many other thriving industries. The initial plan was to create a process that would be utilized to maximize the value of assets for personal portfolios.


In January 2018, Caamano decided to step away from his position as CEO of a top performing real estate syndication portfolio with his previous start up, Kelemen Caamano Investments (KCI). This decision allowed him to focus on the continued growth of a proven platform.


Today, WindWater is a fully transparent brokerage that has produced record breaking numbers, and become a leader in digital brokerage. The company was re-branded as Windwater Real Estate (WRE) and has doubled down on the digital process. WindWater has added residential services and continued to invest into technology resources to better serve clients in a more holistic manner with a long-term perspective.


WindWater has become a trend setter in its quest to disrupt the brokerage industry. WindWater is also committed to a comprehensive team approach. The company now consists of top tier talent including a collection of agents and brokers that have left big traditional firms, a marketing department with a broad business approach, and a supporting cast of industry professionals with a single goal of maximizing the value of every asset or assignment.


19762 MacArthur Blvd, Suite 100, Irvine CA 92612