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Originally known as Wind Water Realty Advisers, the company was launched out of a garage in Irvine, CA. Wind Water started as a boutique brokerage with only one agent. The brokerage provided real estate services for select clients near the Irvine Spectrum, and opportunistically acquired real estate.



In 2015, life-long entrepreneur Rudy Caamano, agreed to make an investment into Wind Water. Caamano was frustrated with the traditional brokerage model and the lack of transparency in the industry. He believed most brokerages or agents had incentives to hide information, creating obstacles in what should be a completely free and open market.

Caamano also realized that the brokerage industry was slow to incorporate many of the technological tools that were prevalent in many other thriving industries. The initial plan was to create a process that would be utilized to maximize the value of assets for personal portfolios.



Caamano became the sole owner of Wind Water Realty. This decision allowed him to implement a true team approach to brokerage services and focus on the continued growth of a proven technology and digital marketing platform.



The company was rebranded as WindWater Real Estate or WRE. A new logo, mission and website were designed and launched to align with the technology and marketing direction. Residential brokerage services were also added to service clients.



WindWater Real Estate launched marketing and consulting services. WRE strongly believes that traditional brokerage/real estate contracts are not for everyone.

WindWater's customized services approach allows clients to choose which elements they need from each service: Brokerage, Marketing and Consulting.



Windwater begins expansion with the launch of WRE-X a cloud-based solution allowing us to attract the best Brokers/Agents to service our clients.