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Orange County Real Estate Services:
Brokerage, Marketing and Consulting

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problems we are solving


The traditional brokerage industry is still operating business in the same manner since its inception. It’s outdated compared to other thriving industries.


Information is not always accessible until you talk to or email an agent, which is frustrating. People deserve access to information all the time.


Based on traditional expectations in the industry, a broker is ONLY compensated with a fixed percentage of COMPLETED transactions. Therefore, brokers are conflicted with the idea of risking unearned dollars towards additional resources that would benefit clients.


Traditional brokerages are not marketing companies. They stick to the same marketing methods - canvassing, cold calling, sales scripts, excel sheets to track their database - there is zero innovation.

work with us

We know real estate consulting because we’ve walked in your shoes. Our team is an experienced group of real estate, marketing, and technology professionals who bring their combined, highly specialized knowledge of Orange County real estate and marketing to the work we do. We’re the best choice to provide insights and deliver results.